Russia Broadcasting News

Luckily, Russia Broadcasting News. Bernie Sanders’s suspicions that the DNC was incorrectly tilting the election race in favor of Clinton. The DNC was lying when it denied having an institutional thumb on the scales for Clinton. Therefore, even if the Russians did discover this proof and did leakage it to WikiLeaks. They would only have actually been notifying the American individuals about the DNC’s abuse of the democratic procedure. Something Democratic voters in specific had a right to know.

As Democrats, the Obama administration and some neocon Republicans slide deeper into conspiracy theories about how Russia in some way handed the presidency to Donald Trump. Questioning the legitimacy of the electoral process and sowing doubts about American democracy. Now the beat Democrats and some anti-Trump neoconservatives in the Republican Party. Leaping up and down about how Russia allegedly tainted the election by revealing details about the Democrats and the Clinton project. CNBC’s Hadley Gamble speaks about the key topics that are most likely to come up at the G-20 meeting.

Military Helicopter pilot asks for directions.

Although I find predisposition with every news service out there, this one not being an exception, RT does provide a perspective that isn’t influenced by American politics. President of Russia Vladimir Putin 2013 visit to RT new broadcasting center and interview with RT reporters. His rejection to commit to accepting the outcomes was front-page news for days with leading editorialists stating that his failure to announce that he would abide by the result disqualified him from the presidency. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account? You will not have access to your profile. Though there appears to be no tough evidence that the Russians did any such thing, the Obama administration’s CIA has actually thrown its weight behind the suspicions, basing its conclusions on circumstantial evidence,” according to a report in The New york city Times.

Thank you for the terrific work. I watch every day and have expected years. All programs are great (balancing and matching MSM). Keiser, Redachted, news with Ed, boom bust, Crosstalk, Big picture, Headlines, and all interview reveals. They are all more cerebral and helpful than American news outlets. Thank for covering the conditions under which all of us reside in addition to the events.