Home Depot Survey Reviews

Home Depot customer experience survey reviews

Jeremy Edwards: OK, on one hand the store looks like a mess, probably because there’s so much crammed into such a small space, and ironically the stock still isn’t as big as I’d like to see. On the other hand the prices and selection they do have are MILES above the competition upstairs from them. This place is definitely one to check out!

Malcolm Brown: Instead of using this “opportunity” to simply call it all a “misunderstanding”, make an exception to their “store policy” and EARN a good, loyal and eager-to-repeat customer…..they make NO CONCESSIONS and now, for the price of $200, own an irritated, gift card holder who would almost rather shred the damn thing rather than go back to that store and CERTAINLY not someone who wants to shop there over and over again.

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Home Depot customer rate survey reviews

Denis Fields: Allow me to preface this by saying that I do NOT write reviews. I loathe anecdotal evidence and make absolutely no decisions based on anecdotes. However, I created a Yelp account for the specific purpose of publically complimenting them.

Edward Warren: This is by far my favorite shop in my neighborhood. If ought to visit this place. They have a nice selection of plumbing/electrician tools, not to mention building materials. Everything is quite affordable.

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Chester Gilbert: This is a very cool store. I been buying tools the last two years I like the choice a lot. This is one of the only store I like on the Haight. I’ll be back.

Milton Fisher: They sold a good screwdriver and a bunch of wrenches. I’m very satisfied with the quality.

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